Bihar Board class 11th English Solution: Chapter 8 Mother India

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Chapter 8 Mother India

Bihar Board Class 11 English Mother India Questions and Answers

Bihar Board Class 11 English Mother India Textual Questions and Answers

B.1. Answer the following questions briefly :

Question 1.
To whom has Subhash written the letter and on what day ?
Subhash wrote the letter to his mother on the day of Durga Puja.

Question 2.
Was Subhash writing this letter in happiness ? If not, why ?
No, Subhash was not happy when he was writing this letter. He was sad because he was away from his family on the sacred day of Durga Puja.

Bihar Board Class 11 English Mother India Questions and Answers Question 3.
“He has been born in this great land in every age…….” Who does ‘He’, here, stand for ?
Here ‘He’ stands for God.

Question 4.
Why does Subhash call India God’s beloved land ?
Subhash calls. India God’s beloved land because He appeared in India many more times than in any other land.

Class 11 English Mother India Question and Answer Question 5.
Give the description of the Indian seasons as described by Subhash.
According to Subhash India has hottest summer, severest winter, the heaviest rain and most heartwarming autumn and spring.

Question 6.
Discuss the significance of the river Ganga in our life.
The Ganga carries away the filth of the world. It purifies our minds and bodies. It has inspired our yogis and saints to gain spiritual enlightenment.

B.2. Answer the following questions :

Question 1.
According to Subhash why is Mother India unfortunate ?
According to Subhash Mother India is unfortunate because she does not have one single selfless son.

Question 2.
What does Subhash mean by “hoary past” ,
Subhash thinks of ancient Indian civilisation. It was a glorious civilisation with great thinkers. But now that glory seems to have been lost.

Question 3.
Subhash calls himself and the people of India selfish. Why ?
The condition of our country is going from bad to worse. But people of India including Subhash, are so selfish that none of them dedicates his life to the cause of motherland.

Question 4.
Why can a mother never be selfish ?
A mother can never be selfish. She loves all her children and she lives for her children.

Question 5.
What happens when a mother sees her children in sorrow ?
A mother is moved at the plight of children. She sheds tears.

Question 6.
What are the causes of the misery of people ?
Ignorance, blind faith and bigotry are the reasons of the misery of people.

Question 7.
What things have made the existence of Indian people “a veritable Hell ” ?
Hunger, lack of love, jealousy, and selfishness have made the existence of Indian people “a veritable Hell”

C.1. Long Answer Questions:

Question 1.
In the letter it appears that Subhash is arguing with his mother. He repeatedly asks her questions. What are these questions ? Why does he repeatedly ask questions ?
It was the day of Durga Puja. Durga is a mother goddess. Subhash was away from home. He is thinking of his mother as well as his motherland. ’ He is pained to see the pathetic condition of India under the British rule. He thinks of India’s past glory. He thinks that it is the duty of the sons of a mother to help her and serve her. But the people are so ignorant and selfish that they are concerned only about themselves. There is bigotry, ignorance and lethargy. Subhash wonders why mother herself is not moved to tears at the pitiable condition of her sons. He repeatedly asks her these questions. Subhash himself wants to serve his mother land. But he thinks he himself is not yet ready to take the plunge.

Question 2.
Write a short note on the piousness and sacredness of the river Ganga.
The Ganga is the symbol of our civilization and culture, our faith and devotion. Since ancient times the Aryans of India have lived along her banks. Our great saints and sages set up their ashrams on her banks. Ganga flows all the years round. Her water is looked upon as nectar. People far and wide, who visit her, carry back Ganga Jal with them.

It is needed on all holy and religious ceremonies. Even today thousands of people visit the Ganga every day. Yogis and Munis still have their ashrams along its holy banks. Our association with Ganga goes back into the hoary past. Ganga is the most sacred of our rivers.

Question 3.
Change this letter into a diary entry.

Dear Diary,

Today is Durga Puja and I am away from home. I’m thinking of my mother. I wish I were with her.

But I am also thinking of the pitiable condition of my motherland. I wonder why people are so self-centred that they do not bother about doing something for their motherland. We are quarrelling among ourselves over petty matters. We are selfish and ignorant. We are lazy and heartless.

I am sure some great soul will rise and lead the country to salvation. God has appeared again and again to lead the people from darkness into light. He will appear again.

But I resolve this day that I must do something for my mother land. I hope that time is not far away.

Question 4.
The letter creates a picture of Subhash’s personality – his love for his mother as well as for his motherland. Discuss Subhash as a son.
The letter clearly reflects Subhash’s love for his mother. It is the Durga Puja day and he is away from home. He suffers from the agony of separation from his mother.

He looks upon his mother as the mother of all. She has been to many places in India and seen the pitiable condition of the people. He wonders why she is not moved to tears. Subhash thinks of the motherland. Her condition is going from bad to worse. He is pained. He feels an urge to serve his motherland. He wishes to dedicate his life to her cause. He is determined to do so. He is a true son of his mother as well as his motherland.

C.2. Group Discussion :

Discuss the following in groups or pairs:

Question a.
Mother can never be selfish.
(Hints for discussion)
A mother is a symbol of sacrifice. She lives for her children. She would starve but would not her children go hungry. Some children treat their mother ill. Even then she forgives them. She would not like to see that any harm comes to her children.

Question b.
We cannot repay our mother’s love.
We all are deeply indebted to our mothers. Her love is boundless. She makes every sacrifice for her children. If a child falls ill, mother would not go to sleep. If her child is late in coming home, she is worried. Whatever we may do, we cannot repay the love of our mother.

C.3. Composition :

Question a.
Write a letter to your father describing how you feel about Subhash. Do not exceed 100 words.
23 January 20

My dear Father,

Today we celebrated Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birthday in our school. I have learned a few things about his zeal for the unity and independence of India. He left India and went to Germany. He went to Japan. He led the Azad Hind Fauj against the British to liberate India I have a deep respect for him. Though he did not live to see India’s independence but it was. His dream that came true. He did not believe in pomp and show but in true devotion and hard work.

I look upon him as my role-model.
With regards to mother.
Your loving son

Question b.
Write a short paragraph in about 100 words discussing your love for nation.
Today India is a free and independent nation. But this freedom came to us as a result of the sacrifices of millions of dedicated men and women of our country. I think that I have a duty to serve my motherland. I am yet not sure how I shall serve her. But I love her as I love my mother. To serve motherland and I don’t need to be a minister or a military officer. I think I will serve her if I do my duty honestly in whatever position I am. India is a great country and now she is on the right track to achieve her pride of place among the nations of the world.

D-1. Dictionary Use:

Ex – 1. Correct the spelling of the following words :

Bailings             sik                    atain                fullfillment                    engroossed

sakred              cin                    inboke              insense                         ceremoney      

wailing             seek                 attain               fulfilment                      engrossed

sacred              sin                    invoke              incense                         ceremony
Ex – 2. Pick out the words which show Subhash’s agony.
pang, pining, deplorable, bigotry, wailings, stupor, lethargy.

D.3. Phrases:

Ex – 1. Read the lesson carefully and find out the sentences in which the following phrases have been used. Use them in sentences of your own :

Be with you                   to rid                into being                     with all our heart

Reminded of                 give up             can never be                 pleasing to the eyes

Id that be so                 to go                collected on

It is enough if we invoke the one we seek to attain with all our heart and in all sincerity;
….On the immersion day but at heart I shall be with you all.
….to rid this earth of sin and to establish righteousness and truth….
He has come into being in many countries in human form….
….I am reminded of another scene, the yogis have collected on its bank….
….and so pleasing to the eyes as well as to the mind.
A mother can never be heartless !
That can never be.
If that be so, how is that mother is unmoved when her children are suffering.
….our country continue to go from bad to worse.
….to give up completely their personal interests and take the plunge for the mother ?

Sentences from the given Phrases :

  • We should be patriotic with all our heart.
  • In every situation I shall be with you all in the mission.
  • I am determined to rid this country of partiality and corruption.
  • He has come into being in this country in every age.
  • I am always reminded of my duties.
  • People have collected from all parts of the country.
  • To take a dip into Ganga’s water is so pleasing to the soul and mind.
  • A true nationalist can never be selfish.
  • If that be so, how can a lover of motherland sleep carelessly.
  • I am not willing to go there unnecessarily.
  • We should give up our personal interests in favour of national development.
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