12th English Chapter 4 I Have a Dream Notes

12th English Book Rainbow Part 2: Chapter 4

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Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Objective Type Questions and Answers
Bihar Board Class 12 English A Pinch of Snuff Text Book Questions and Answers
  1. ‘The life of the Negro’ is 
    (a) very pleasant
    (b) most adventurous
    (c) sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation
    (d) full of mysteries
    (c) sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. was 
    (a) a scientist
    (b) a philosopher
    (c) a civil right activists
    (d) an artist
    (c) a civil right activists
  3. Who had delivered the speech, “I have a dream” or who is the writer of, “I have a dream”? 
    (a) Dr. Zakir Husain
    (b) Manohar Malgaonkar
    (c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
    (d) Shiga Nasya
    (c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. One hundred years later the life of the Negro is 
    (a) free from cares and anxieties
    (b) fully independent
    (c) prosperous and healthy
    (d) chain of discrimination
    (d) chain of discrimination
Fill in the blanks

I Have A Dream Question Answer Bihar Board Q 1.
Complete the following sentences on the basis of your textual reading:
(a) “I have a dream” has been written by
(b) But one hundred years later, we must face
(c) It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment [Sample Paper 2009 (A)]
(d) Martin Luther King, Jr. expressed in his speech, “I Have a Dream” delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. expresses [Sample Paper 2009 (A)]
(a) martin Luther King, Jr. (b) the tragic fact that the Negro is still not free, (c) underestimate the discrimination of the Negro, (d) tragic fact of chains of discrimination with the Negro.

I Have A Dream Question Answer Class 12 Bihar Board Q. 2.
Complete the following sentences on the basis of what you have studied:
(a) It came as a joyous daybreak to end
(b) Negro is still sadly crippled by the
(c) America has given the Negro people a bad cheque which has come
(d) Negro is grated his
(e) We must forever conduct our struggle on …..
(a) the long night of captivity.
(b) manacles of segregation and chains of discrimination.
(c) back marked ‘insufficient funds’.
(d) citizenship rights.
(e) the high plane of dignity and discipline.

Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Very Short Type Questions and Answers

I Have A Dream All Questions And Answers Bihar Board Questions 1.
Who had delivered the speech “I have a dream”? [Sample Paper 2009 (A)]
Martin Luther King, Jr. had delivered the speech “I have a dream’.

Question Answer Of I Have A Dream Question 2.
Whose life is sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation, one hundred years later?
The life of the Negro is badly crippled by the manacles of segregation, one hundred years later.

Bihar Board I Have A Dream Ka Question Answer 12th english Question 3.
To whom the momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope? [Sample Paper 2009 (A)]
The momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro Slaves.

I Have Dream Question Answer Bihar Board Question 4.
What had engulfed the Negro community? [Sample Paper 2009 (A)]
The marvelous new militancy has engulfed the Negro community.

Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Textual Questions and Answers

1. Write ‘T’ for true and ’F’ for false statements :
(a) The hopes of the Negro population were fulfilled by the signing of the emancipation proclamation.
(b) The condition of the Negroes was appalling.
(c) The ‘bank of justice’ is bankrupt.
(d) The author prefers racial discrimination.
(e) The nation could overlook Negro problems.
(f) The Negroes of America had citizenship rights.
(g) The author hates white Americans.
(h) He advocates non-violent struggle.
(a) True (b) True (c) True (d) False (e) False (f) False (g) False (h) Tru

2. Answer the following questions briefly.

I Have A Dream Chapter Questions And Answers Bihar Board Questions 1.
What is the author trying to achieve through his speech?
The author is trying to achieve the support of the listeners in the freedom struggle for Negroes by his speech. He also wants to attract the listener towards the piteous condition of the Negroes.

I Have A Dream Questions And Answers Bihar Board Questions 2.
Do you think M&rtin Luther is a great orator? What, according to you, are qualities of a great orator? What does Martin Luther urge his people to do?
Yes, I think Martin Luther King is a great orator. I think a great orator is a speaker who helds up the excitement of the listener and influences their mind. A great orator has the quality of striking the listener’s heart about the topic. Martin Luther urged his people to fight for the freedom, rights, and justice of the Negroes.

I Have A Dream Question And Answer Bihar Board Questions 3.
What is their pledge?
Their pledge is to march ahead and never to turn back. They are not satisfied until they get their rights and till they will march for freedom and justice and go ahead.

I Have A Dream Speech Questions And Answers Bihar Board  Questions 4.
What are the’ trials and tribulations’ the author talks about?
The trials and tribulations’ author talks about are the hardship and torments people had to suffer when they raise their voices against injustice and discrimination.

3. Answer the following questions briefly.

I Have A Dream Summary And Question Answer Bihar Board Questions 1.
‘This is our hope’ (Paragraph-19). What is hope?
The hope is the dream of every valley being exalted, every mountain and hill shall be made low, the rough places being plain, the crooked places made straight and the hope that the glory of God is seen by all flesh will see together. The hope is a dream which the author sees and he is sure it will come true. The hope is the expectation of the dream coming true (or the author).

I Have A Dream Questions Answers Bihar Board Questions 2.
If America is to be a great nation, what must become true?
If America has to become a great nation, it should not overlook the problems of Negroes and give all the citizenship rights to them. America should prohibit racial discrimination and work for the welfare of negroes, the natives of America.

I Have A Dream Long Question Answer BSEB Questions 3.
Why and when will they tank the Almighty?
They will thank Almighty when the freedom rings in every state and city, village, and town, everywhere. They will thank Him, because, with His mercy, at last, the blacks will be free and all could live with the same rights and freedom.

1. Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Long Answer Questions 

I Have A Dream Lesson Questions And Answers Bihar Board Questions 1.
‘The life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination’. Elaborate.
It has the clear meaning that the life of Negro is still like that of a disabled person because it is captivated with the handcuffs of separation (on basis of race) and the fetters of discrimination. The Negroes are thought to be inferior to the whites and so are not given the proper rights of a citizen but are tormented everywhere. In such circumstances, Negroes are like a disabled person who cannot do anything on and for its own. They are racially discriminated everywhere and are still fettered. They are tribulated, tortured, and tormented. They are not given the right to vote, they are not allowed to go to public places and are cut off from society as if they are not allowed to go to public places and are cut off from society as if they are not humans. This inhuman act done with them has crippled their life.

Class 12 I Have A Dream Bihar Board 12th english Questions 2.
What would be fatal for the nation? Why? Explain.
It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment and to underestimate the determination of the Negro. It would be so because the sweltering summer of the Negro’s legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom. Negro is granted his citizenship rights and they will begin a revolt for their rights and justice. The whirlwinds of this revolt will continue to shake the foundations of the nation until the bright day of justice emerges and if the nation does not even understand them and do something for Negroes, this revolt will take a furious form and that could be seriously fatal and injurious for the nation.

I Have A Dream Bihar Board Questions 3.
What was the ‘dream’? How many times “I have a dream’ appears in the lesson? Discuss the importance of this repetition?
The ‘dream’ is that someday the racial discrimination would come to an end, the son of slaves and owners will share the same table of fraternity, Mississippi state will calm down with justice and freedom, his children will never have to suffer racial discrimination, Albama has black and white children together hands in hands. ‘I have a dream’ phrase is repeated Nine times in the chapter. The importance of repetition is that the writer wants to draw the attention of people towards the dream because it is the dream after which they have to start the revolt and to see the dream come true, they have to fight against the brutality of the government. This repetition is done to signify its meaning.

I Have A Dream Question Answers Kpk Board Bihar Board Questions 4.
What is the pledge? When will it be fulfilled?
The pledge is to always march ahead on the path of freedom and never to turn back but to move ahead with chest puffed. It will be fulfilled when the Negroes get their rights and freedom. They get justice and are not tortured, tormented, segregated, discriminated, and separated from the rest of society. It will be fulfilled when Negros are free from the clutches of slavery and are given citizenship rights.

I Have A Dream Exercise Bihar Board Questions 5.
Do you have a dream for your state? Narrate your dream in your own words.
I have a dream that my state is a clean and tidy state where all the people are employed. All children go to school. All the people are literate. The roads are plain without holes and ditches in them. Stray animals do not roam here and there around the city. The city is green and spotlessly clean.
Everybody follows the traffic rules. The government rules justly. There is no discrimination on the basis of race, color, caste, creed, etc. None of the officials are Corrupt. Everybody has the same rights to give a vote or to elect their own representative. Everybody gets proper food, clothes, and shelter. Justice, nonviolence, and truth prevail everywhere.

3. Composition

Write a paragraph of about 100 words on each of the following
I Have A Dream Rainbow Bihar Board Questions 1.

Human rights.
Right, are the necessities of human life. They make our life meaningful. This removes discrimination in society. This encourages peace and harmony. This makes everybody’s life move smoothly. Today this has not importance everywhere and is present in the constitution. There are courts to see if these are really implemented well and everybody gets this. It seems that nobody should be exploited. We should raise a voice against if anybody’s rights are violated. Then only it can really be meaningful.

I Have A Dream Chapter Bihar Board Questions 2.
Secularism means that no religion is the state religion. All religions have equal status. In India, we follow secularism. It is in our ‘Constitution’. The government does not discriminate among any religion. It wants all religions to remain and prosper in the country. It does not support or favor any particular religion. Holidays are given for festivals of all religions. It promotes peace and harmony in society. It strengthens the unity of the country.

D.Word Study

D.1. Dictionary Use
Ex. 1. Correct the spelling of the following words
opporunity, begining, hatered, prodegeons, curvacous, antem.
opportunity, begining, hatred, prodigious, curvacious, anthem.

2. Word-formation

Read the following sentence carefully :
I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations.
In the sentence given above the word ‘unmindful’, is derived from ‘mind’ adding a prefix ‘un-‘ and a suffix ‘-full’. Find out the root words and the prefixes/ suffixes added to in the following words
momentous, segregation, discrimination, marvellous, righteousness persecution, multiplication, freedom, community, devotee, brotherhood, spiritual.


Root Word                              Prefix/Suffix

Moment                                    ous

Segregate                                  tion

Discriminate                             tion

Marvel                                     ous

Right                                        iousnss

Persecute                                  tion

Null                                          ification

Free                                          dom

Common                                   nity

3. Word-meaning

Ex. 1. Match the words given in Column ‘A’ with their meaning in Column ‘B’

Column ‘A’                              Column ‘B’

Legitimate                                cruelty

Threshold                                 in accordance with law

Staggered                                  small pile of earth

Redemptive                               freedom

Oppression                                closely bound

Tranquilizing                            becoming calm

Molehill                                   the point just before a new situation

Jangling                                    walk or move unsteadily

Emancipation                            unpleasantly harsh
(1) – (c), (2) – (h). (3) – (0). (4)- (i), (5) – (e), (6) – (j), (7) – (g), (8) – (d), (9) – (b), (10) – (a)

4. Phrase

Ex. 1. Read the lesson carefully and find out the sentences in which the following phrases have been used. Use these phrases in sentences of your own:
So far as, Cooling of, seek to, instead of, blow Off, bound in, stand up for, the quest for.
so far as — So far as Bhavya is concerned I will listen to it.
cooling off — Manju gave her the medicine of cooling off.
seek to — Anju advised Ranju to seek to the goal for life,
instead of — Ritika said she would go with Rashmi instead of Roshan.
blow off — Jai blew off all the problems which came in Jiya’s way.
bound to — All brothers and sisters are strongly bound to their families.
stand up for — Manoj and Deepak always stand up for helping the needy.


Ex. 1. Put the correct form of verbs given in the brackets given and complete the sentence
(a) The Negro still…………………. himself an Exide in his own country, (find)
(b) People to……………………… realise the plight of the Negroes, (come)
(c) We will not………………………. until justice is done. (satisfy)
(d) Let freedom…………………… from the mighty mountains of New York, (ring)
(e) Martin Luther………………….. America proud. (do)
(a) finds, (b) have come, (c) get satisfied (d) ring, (e) did make feel.

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