12th English Chapter 3 A Pinch of Snuff Notes

12th English Book Rainbow Part 2: Chapter 3

Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Objective Type Questions and Answers
Bihar Board Class 12 English A Pinch of Snuff Text Book Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions orally (Answer to these questions may vary from person to person)

Bihar Board Class 12 English A Pinch Of Snuff Question Answer Question 1.
Do guests visit your house frequently? How do you espond to them?
Yes guests frequently visit our house. We entertain them as best we can.

Bihar Board Class 12 English A Pinch Of Snuff Long Question Answer Question 2.
Do you like all of them equally? How often do you entertain your guests gladly?
No, I don’t like all of them equally. I don’t entertain all of them gladly.

A Pinch Of Snuff Question Answer Bihar Board Class 12th English Question 3.
At times you may have to welcome a guest whom you don’t like much. How do you do this?
I try to neglect such a guest if possible. But it is not always possible.

1.1. Complete the following sentences on the basis of what you have studied

(a)……….. was coming to visit the narrator’s family.
(b) The narrator was ……………… on probation.
(c) Nanukaka was to stay for ………….. days.
(d) Nanukaka was coming to Delhi to……………..
(e)……………….informed the under secretary about Nanukaka’s visit.
(f) The under secretary had to put a charpoy for himself in back verandah because…………………..
(g) Nanukaka was related to the narrator as he was…………………………..
(a) Nanukaka, (b) an under secretary, (c) two or three, (see a minister, (e) His mother, (f) his mother had installed nanukaka in his bedroom, (g) his mother’s brother.

1.2. Answer the following questions briefly.

Board Class 12 English Question Answer Of A Pinch Of Snuff Bihar Question 1.
The news that made the mother happy disturbed her son. Why news that made the mother happy disturbed her son. Why were their responses to different?
Nanukaka was mother’s brother. She loved him and was happy to know that he was coming to stay with them. But for the narrator his stay meant inconvenience. He was expected to be at nanukaka’s back and call during his stay.

Pinch Of Snuff Question Answer Bihar Board Class 12 English Question 2.
Do you have a similar experience ? Has your response to the news of the arrival of any guest ever been different from that of other members of the family ?
Yes, I have had a similar experience. The news of the arrival of my cousin made me happy but my family was disturbed. I and my cousin are best
of friends. When she arrives, we spend most of our time together. She comes from a small town and likes to go to movies, restaurants, shopping complexes, museums and the zoo. I spend money don’t allow her to spend any. My family does not like my going out with her and spending so much money.

Bihar Board Class 12th English A Pinch Of Snuff All Question Answer Question 3.
‘Had to travel second on a third class ticket? But it was all arranged quite amicably ?’ What ‘arrangement’ Nanukaka is referring to ? How can such arrangement be amicable?
Nanukaka was a very clever man. He could manage to come out of any difficult situation. He must have explained to the ticket collector why he had to travel second class in a third-class ticket. Then he might have bribed him too. This arrangement was amicable because both the ticket collector and Nanukaka were gainers, and the kitten travelled free.

2. 1. Write T for True and ‘F’ for False statements

(a) It was very easy for the narrator to get sent on a foreign assignment,
(b) Ratiram was the son of Sohanlal Ratiram.
(c) Sohanlal Ratiram was the Party boss in Delhi.
(d) Nanukaka went to Lala Sohanlal because they both were Zamindars.
(e) Nanukaka visited Lala Sohanlal in the guise of an astrologer.
(f) Nanukaka’s meeting with Sohanlal Ratiram was very successful.
(a) False (b) True (c) True (d) False (e) False (f) True.

2.2. Answer the following questions briefly.

Question 1.
The under secretary always obeyed Nanukaka, although he was never willing to do so, Why?
The under secretary was never willing to serve Nanukaka as his Secretary or his driver. But he had to obey him because his mother insisted on it. He could not displease his mother.

Question 2.
“This tie-and -collar business is no good these days.” What did Nanukaka mean to say?
It was a time when India had v/on her independence only a few years ago. People did not like tie-and-collar. They liked native clothes.

Question 3.
How did the under secretary change his appearance to accompany Nanukaka?
The under secretary changed into a close-collar Jadhpuri coat and put on a turban, to accompany Nanukaka.

Question 4.
Who is a zamindar? Do you know any zamindar in you locality? What do the people in your locality think about him?
A zamindar is an owner of large lands. There is a zamindar in our locality. People think he is very rich and powerful.

Question 5.
How did Nanukaka impress Sohanlal Ratiram?
Sohanlal Ratiram wanted to send his son as a Trade Commissioner to Hajrat Barkat Ali, the ambassador of India is Beirut. But his efforts had failed because Hazrat Barkat Ali refused to have him. Nanukaka pretended that Hajrat Barkat Ali was his close friend. When Sohanlal heard this, he was eager to meet Nanukaka. Nanukaka assured that it was quite easy for him and he would surely help him.

Question 6.
What important information did he collect at Ratiram’s place?
Nanukaka wanted to meet a minister to get some work done. He learnt that the minister wanted to get his daughter married to a prince of Ninnore. The proposal was being considered but the horoscopes were not exchanged yet.

Question 7.
Who is a prince? Do we have any prince now? If yes, do they enjoy the same privileges which they used to do?
A prince was a raja of an Indian princely state. But there are no longer any princely states in India now. The princes do not enjoy the privileges they used to enjoy under the British rule.

B.3. Answer the following questions briefly.

Question 1.
Who was the second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet?
The second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet was ‘ the welfare minister.

Question 2.
What preparation did he make to meet him?
He firstly managed to get an enormous, outlandish car to drive to the minister’s office. Secondly he got undersecretary dressed in his Jodhpur coat and turban and lastly he dressed and sat on the car in a manner that he looked a heriditary pundit from a princely state.

Question 3.
What new role did Nanukaka give the Under-Secretary to play?
This time he made the under secretary play a role of the driver of the car, in which he went to the minister’s office. The under secretary was dressed as a liveried chauffer.

Question 4.
How did he manage to impress, the Sikka Auto dealers?
He managed to impress Sikka Auto dealers by the demonstration of his wealth. He made a plan with the Dhobi. According to this plan, when he went to Sikka Auto dealers, the Dhobi came with an old coat of Nanukaka in his hand showed him the cheque saying that he left a cheque of Rs. 1000 in his coat. It v as a part of his plan. The manager was impressed with his status, Nanukaka managed to show him.

Question 5.
What did he do at minister’s residence?
With an idea to produce (present) his image of a big zamindar and highly rich person ot nigh repute Nanukaka did the following at minister’s residence

  • Firstly he managed a luxuries car for his visit to minister’s residence.
  • The writer sat on the chauffer’s (driver) seat in a white Jodhpur coat and the orange turban.
  • Navnukaka set on the back in a royal dress, looking like a hereditary pandit (asuologer) and drove to the minister residence.
  • At minister’s residence he asked to the minister’s secretary the visiter’s book as he had not time due to some other urgent appointment and that too he did not like to disturb the minister.
  • Nanukaka wrote his name, the writer’s (undersecretary) Delhi address as his own and added in his introductory note, “Hereditary Astrolonger to the Maharaja of Ninnore”. Thus he left a deep impression on them of his personality.
  • Without speaking anything more and directing the writer to take him to “Maharaja Sutkatta’s palace”. And the car immediately left the place. He was warmly saluted by the secretary and orderly while leaving minister’s house.

Question 6.
How did he impress the minster?
He came in an outlandish car with a uniformed chauffer. Secondly he dressed himself like a hereditary pundit from princely state. While visiting minister’s residence and then after getting into the car he shouted loudly to take him to a maharaja’s palace to show he had contacts with many aristocrates. Lastly he wrote his name in the visitors book as the Hereditary Astrologer to the Maharaja of Ninnore. This is what he did to impress the minister.

Question 7.
‘Is the under-secretary impressed with Nanukaka at any point? When and Why? Find out the evidence from the story.
Yes, finally, he was impressed with Nanukaka after he had used his wit to accomplish his mission. He was impressed with Nanukaka for the way he used his brain and finally had a meeting with the minister. The evidence which proves Nanukaka’s dealing with the minister impressed the under secretary deeply for his presence of mind. In the last, he says that if minister comes to know about the reality, he is sure that Nanukaka will deal with the situation without allowing a single fold of his anghocha to fall of place.

1. Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Long Answer Questions

Question 1.
Nanukaka tells lots of lies. Why does he do so? Does he succeed in his pursuit?
Nanukaka tells lots of lies to have a meeting with the welfare minister. Nanukaka makes many false statements because if he had not done so, he could not have met the minister in two-three days. He would have to wait for months to get an appointment for his meeting with the minister. Yes, Nanukaka was successful in his pursuit of meeting the minister. He did not only manage the meeting with minister in his own sweetwill but with his brain, he met minister in only two days.

Question 2.
What impression does Nanukaka make on you ? Do you like him ? Attempt character sketch of Nanukaka?
Nanukaka makes impression of a clever, witted and sensible man on me who knows very well how to be successful in his pursuit. He doesn’t hesitate to speak lies in the matter of his work. No I do not like him. Nanukaka is quick witted, clever man who does not hesitate in telling a lie to gain his goal. It is a bad thing. He is cunning and knows how to use situations to his profit. He has the ability of deceiving people easily and he can do and speak anything to complete his mission and work. He is a funny man.

Question 3
Suppose you have Nanukaka as your uncle. How would you behave with him ? Explain in detail.
If Nanukaka has been my uncle, I would behave very nicely with him because he is my uncle, my mother’s brother. I would take part in his affairs and help him possibly as much I could. I would share my thoughts with him and would take interest in his talks. I would respond nicely to him and would like to be a part of his adventuous comedy. I would respect him and follow whatever he says, wholeheartedly. I would never show my disregard and do the most to help him out. I would show my affection to him and make him feel what can I do being my uncle. I would show him that loved him very much and do for him and proud to have him as my uncle.

Question 4.
Nanukaka made a big promise to Sohanlal Ratiram. Did he even fulfil his promise?
Nanukaka promised Sohanlal to talk about his son’s promotion with the ambassador Hazrat Barkat Ali. Sohanlal said that some body has poisoned the mind of the ambassador about his son and he would be obliged if Nanukaka would persuade for his son the ambassador as Nanukaka to that he was a schoolmate of the ambassador Hazrat Barkat Ali and was or very good terms with him. No, Nanukaka never fulfilled his promise. And even if he had wanted to, he could not because he had fabricated a false story to Sohan Lai. He didnot know the ambassador at all then how could he writen to him.

Question 5.
Can a person like Nanukaka be more successful in the present society? Give reasons.
Yes, a persn like Nanukaka will be more successful in the society because now world is changed. People who are well behaved, simple, pious and moral by high are taken to be foolish. They always have to suffer because of their goodness but on the other hand, people who are clever, cunning, crafty are thought to be wise efficient and humane. People who speak lies, are really mean and selfish. Though, they manage to do their work easily. Nanukaka happened to be the person of the same category of mean and crafty people. It is quite evident from his manners of conducting the issues and managing the things through all possible wroung acts to achieve his mission and he was able to succeed in fulfilling his own selfish end. In the present society, deceitful and deceptive deceptive people are given more respect than the truthful and good people. Secondly clever people outwit every body and Nanukaka happens to representing such persons (of the same colour and nature). He easily-outwitted the minister and Sohanlal.

Question 6.
How did he impress the minister?
After writing his name in the visitors’ book, he told his ‘chauffeur’ to drive to Maharaja Sutkatta’s palace because he had to return the horscopes. This trick impressed the minister. He believed that the ‘astrologer’ was comparing the horoscopes of the daughter of Maharaja of Sutkatta also. That’s why the minister came to see him next morning.

Question 7.
Is the under secretary impressed with Nanukaka at any point? When and why? Find out the evidence from the story?
The under secretary is impressed with Nanukaka when the Welfare Minister, whom he wanted to meet, comes to see Nanukaka early in the morning. The minister gladly does what Nanukaka wants him to do. It is indeed a miracle.

Question 8.
Write the summary of the short story “A Pinch of Snuff”.
or, Describe the main idea contained in the story “A Pinch of Snuff” 
The short story “A Pinch of Snuff” is initially taken from “contemporary Indian short stories in English”. The story begins with the visit of Nanukaka, the maternal uncle of the narrator at his house. The narrator who is an under-secretary in the government becomes much worried apprehending his months long stay at his residence in Delhi, for meeting some minister. It is due to the fact that ministers do not meet people easily. But his mother has informed him about her brother Nanukaka’s ability to manage his meeting with the minister very well in a couple of days and that has removed his worriedness. The narrator receives nanukaka, and comes along with him at his residence. From there he drove Nanukaka to the North Block to meet the minister.

They return back being disappointed as the meeting could not be meterilised. Again on the persuation of Nanukaka they go to Sohanlal Rati Ram, the party Boss in Delhi. Nanukaka cleverly manages to hold a long talk with him. He also gives Sohanlal false assurances about his son’s posting in Balance Ministery through the ambassdor Hazrat Barkat Ali. They return back in happy mood. The next morning again Nanukaka insists him to meet welfare minister. A prineely otlandish luxary car is being arranged from a show-room furnishing false information to them. At minister’s bunglow, Nanukaka plays a trick showing himself “Hereditary Astrologer to the Maharaja of Ninnore”. Being highly impresseed with this introduction, the welfare inister rushes to Nanukka, at narrator’s, residence. After fulfiling his mission Nanukaka returns back from Delhi leaving the narrator peaceful. He (the narrator) is also being astonished to see the witty and clever act of nanukaka.

The main idea of this short story depicts the fradulant act of Nanukaka, who does not hesitate to tell a lie for his selfish ends and to achieve his mission. Due to his falsehood he could meet the minister very soon. The writer becomes surprised to see nanukaka’s ability in deceiving people by manipulation. But the writer’s motive is not to glorify nanukaka’s undesirable and nefarious acts. He also intends to disclose the affairs of the modem society and warn people to become careful against such activities. This story also delivers message that cunning and crafty people like Nanukaka become successful in their wrong and immoral acts, befooling others. Simple, pious and morally high people have to suffer much because of their goodness. The accuracy and the profound comedy of malgaokar’s narrative has built up reader’s excitement. “A pinch of Snuff’ means snuff to be taken in small quantity. The story has the sense of humour just like Nanukaka’s pinch of snuff and it revolves around him. The title of the story itself signify the very meaing therein and many things to learn by us as well.

3. Compositon

Write a paragraph of about 100 words on each of the following
Question 1.
A scene at the railway platform.
The railway platform is a very interesting place particularly when the station is big and over-crowded round the clock. Different kinds of people can be seen there. People from different parts of the country with different languages, dress, food items and topics of conversation can be seen theire. Beggars make an ugly seen but vendors and porters make it a colourful place. It was watch a railway platform closely we can also see happy people going home and sad people leaving their dear ones. Some are eager to et a seat others are ready to fight. Thieves and robbers, pick-pockets and policemen all remain busy in their jobs. I like the railway platform.

Questions 2.
Influence of an astrologer.
An astrologer tells our future by looking up the stars. We do not know anything about the future. But we always want to know it ahead of its coming, some people think that they would be better equipped to face the future if they know it before-hand. Some people want to determine their present course keeping the future in mind. So almost everybody is interested in the prediction of an event. And here comes the astrologer. He reads the star and tells the future. This is the way astrologer is consulted before any big event. The astrologer gets the most important place.

Word Study

D. 1. Dictionary Use

Ex. 1. Correct the spelling of the following words :
mustach, assinment, ambasador, secretry, campainer, cautiond, genuine, casualy, leiger, hearditary.
Answer. moustache, assignment, ambassador, secretary, campaigner, cautioned, genuine, casually, leisure, hereditary.

2. Word-formation

Read the following sentences carefully
(a) Mother’s announcement shook me.
(b) He seldom sees, er, visitors without a previous appointment.
in the first sentence ‘announcement’, which is a noun, is derived from announce which is a verb. Similarly, in the second sentence ‘appointment’ is derived from ‘appoint’. Nouns can be derived by adding different suffixes such as ‘-menton, ’-ance’ etc. Use suffixes to the verbs given below to make them noun :
impress, arrange transact, explain, acquint, manage, demonstrate, marry.
impression, arrangement, transaction, explanation, acquintance, management, demonstration marrige.

3. Word-meaning

Ex. 1. Find from the lesson words the meanings of which have been given on the left hand side. The last part of each word is given on the right hand side

in a friendly manner and without argument   …………………ably.
large in size or quantity    ………………………mous.
atracting your interest or attention   …………………..king.
small nail with a flat top   ……………………cks.
correct according to law    …………………..mate.
extremely strange and unusual   ………………..dish.

Comfortably, enormous, breath taking, tracks, legitmate, outlanddish.

4. Phrases

Ex. 1. Read the lesson carefully and find out the sentences in which the following phrases have been used, use these phrases in sentences of your own at daggers drawn, drop in, as soon as, turn out, of course, try out.
at daggers drawn — enemies were at daggers drawn against each other.
drop in — Anand asked Raju to drop in Anju at home.
as soon as — Bijay touched his parents feet as soon as he saw them.
turnout — The project has turned out to be a success,
of course — of course the party will support the proposal.
try out — The driver said to try out for the screw properly in the market.


Ex. 1. Read the following sentences carefully You’ve got a close-collar Jadhpur coat, haven’t you ?
(It is) Amazing, Isn’t it ?
In the above examples ‘haven’t you ? and ‘Isn’t it ? are tag-questions. Write tag-questions for the following sentences
1. Amod was speaking in an unusually loud voice………………..
2. That should be quite simple………………
3. Nanukaka chucked his tongue several times…………….
4. You will do the work…………….
5. Gulu is eating a mango……………..
1. wasn’t he?
2. shouldn’t it?
3. didn’t he?
4. won’t you?
5. isn’t he?

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